When the big players come out…

News has been leaked from a source we cannot disclose at this time referring to a potentially revolutionary token called INOV8. The concept INOV8 recognises that amongst all the mist in entrepreneurship often a shining light is overlooked. The objective is to seek out these entrepreneurs and provide them with the right environment to pursue opportunities, survival, and growth.

In a struggling entrepreneur world, the capability to find and connect with the right people is, even though a compulsion, a seamlessly impossible chore full of overpriced, unaccommodating people who would rather aim for a conventional business rather than a start-up revolutionary business.

The power created through this innovative and unique ideal will allow the most creative and pioneering around to maximise their potential for the greater good. Combining specialists from around the world in a simple, friendly environment to connect and provide invaluable services is the solution to this ever-growing problem.

The source has explained that a FTSE100 company will be placing an offer to purchase over the 50% threshold to gain control in an aggressive takeover. We have been informed that this takeover will take place on 15th November. In an already demanded ICO this news will only drive the price up and bring in new investors seeking their next big opportunity.

We contacted Myles Lansdown Head Trader at Cryptech Global and have had confirmation that the above is true and has been part of an ongoing investment approach over the last 3 to 4 months Mr Lansdown quoted ‘the demand for this ICO hasn’t been seen before and is creating real measurable results’.

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