Tari Labs – Developed by Monero promoter Riccardo Spagni – Introductions to Free Blockchain University

Tari Labs – a South African blockchain startup – has just launched a new online blockchain university. With the launch of Blockchain University, Tari Labs would like to offer training to both international and local blockchain developers.
The ultimate goal of Tari Labs
Tari Labs AIMS to rediscover the ultimate experience of digital assets such as digital collectibles, in-game items, loyalty points, concert tickets, and other digitally scarce goods. Blockchain technology has many applications that still need to be explored.

Naiveen Jain said this was an opportunity for a smooth experience. He also believes that digital assets are a big asset to blockchain technology. The Tari protocol was developed after the developers of the existing blockchain protocols were used to develop their solution to solve real problems.
Selon Cayle Sharrock, senior project associate, AIMS Tari Labs University for the easily accessible blockchain, digital assets and cryptocurrency learning materials will be preferred platform, from beginner to advanced. He said the more blockchain and open source developers can evolve, the better for the entire ecosystem.

The chosen location for the proposed Blockchain University Tari Labs is Johannesburg. Spagni this place because he believes that most of the talents needed to develop Tari are already in South Africa.

Charlie Lee explains his interest in Monero in a new interview
Charlie Lee is one of the most outspoken characters in the digital currency space. Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin. He created Litecoin as an alternative to Bitcoin in terms of transaction speed and cost. Lee has recently made a controversial figure in the digital currency space.

Charlie Lee is fully committed to the development of Litecoin. However, he has shown great interest in other blockchain projects. In a recent interview, Charlie Lee gave his opinion on Monero. Lee said he believes Monero is one of the most prominent digital currencies.

He said that Monero [XMR] is one of the blockchain projects he finds particularly interesting because of the privacy-centric nature of the digital currency. Lee said it’s a bit of a reality missing in Litecoin  and Bitcoin, and it’s urgently needed.

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