Cryptech Global Scam Warning Binary Platforms

Blockshow Americas

Whilst at Blockshow Americas myself and my colleague were fortunate enough to get an invite (special thanks to Cryptech Global) to private seminar with several very interesting and incredibly knowledgable blockchain experts.

The insight to where and how blockchain is going to change some many things in our day to lives in the future was truly amazing. The implementation of the technology by some of the worlds largest organisations.

Cryptech Global’s $1Million Recovery

One of the speakers was a gentleman called Alistair Manning from Cryptech Global, his core subject was Blockchain security and how the wallets that we are all using today, will be changing in the not too distant future, due to a new level of online security that is currently under development. Interestingly, Alistair was explaining that his companies entrance into blockchain/cryptocurrencies was a natural development of their history in transaction security. Due to the fact that they have worked in fiscal transaction security for over 40 years. Alistair talked about their fraud and investigation team, which primarily provides it’s services to external corporate entities.

In addition, Cryptech Global clients also get access to this service, he said that in August the team had cases open for in excess of 150 clients who had been scammed by Binary Options companies. They had successfully recovered just over $1 Million dollars. However, they were still pursuing cases totally more than $4.5 Million dollars.


Personally I find this staggering, Alistair explains that the next generation of platforms will almost eliminate the possibility of fraud. Again, these are in the process of using blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology already has interest from some of the worlds largest corporate companies. It could quite possibly change the way that fiscal transactions are processing around the globe.


    • I agree, I’ve been a victim of it before and it certainly is frustrating that only a handful of groups are doing anything about it. Hats off to Cryptech Global for making the effort!

    • I also enjoyed Cryptech Global’s section, they had some very exciting development regarding their Crypto Asset Management Plan

  1. Very promising future regarding security! Blockchain is certainly the next step of evolution in terms of encryption when handling sensitive data.

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