The unexpected!

With cryptocurrency having a negative start to the year due to an overpriced Q4 and a flood of negative news. The start of Q3 has brought with it some strong positive news and with that an increase in all markets.

When these markets go up it brings with it a natural interest, the big firms start releasing their data from their research and analysis teams.

This investigating of the blockchain gets companies looking into new ICO’s, with the rise in Q3 many of these large corporations have disclosed their interest into a few ICO’s. One that seems to be making all the right noises is INOV8 (image on right: screenshot preview of INOV8’s VIP Roadmap), my sources have informed me that the way in which this company is implementing blockchain technology combined with traditional proven business methods is some what revolutionary.

With most FTSE100 companies considerate that the blockchain is changing business as a whole and dedicating teams on research to ensure they stay ahead. These teams are tasked with looking at how blockchain can enhance them and also how other companies could get ahead if they solely used the blockchain, with this they also look into other companies/ICO’s that are implementing the blockchain at its full compacity. This is why INOV8 has caught the eyes and potential investment of these FTSE100 companies.

Overall it would seem, as my sources have confirmed, that INOV8 is implementing blockchain with the intention of achieving its objective of changing the way in which entrepreneurship is done incredible well. When the big companies are looking into such a company you know it is one to keep an eye on.

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