ICO is one to watch

Quan Tatsuo recent statement relating to an ICO integrating with blockchain better than any other he has seen is why this particular ICO has already shut its pre-token offering early.


We know that currently the top 10 largest companies in the world are exploring through investment into their research and analysis departments the potential of blockchain –




Berkshire Hathway INC

China Construction Bank

Agricultural Bank of China


Bank of America

Wells Fargo

Bank of China

Ping An Insurance


All are investing heavily to be at the forefront of what blockchain can actually achieve. As Mr Tutaso who has been in the revolutionary markets for 38 years and is now the Chief Executive and Principal Founder of Cynergy8 quoted ‘there are only half a dozen ICO’s using the full capacity of what blockchain has to offer and INOV8 is currently the best at using the full potential’. He also stated he was incredibly pleased to hear that the beta testing went without a hitch.


What is clear is the team behind this ICO are incredible competent and are able to work a system it has taken the best minds in the world to understand.

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