FTSE 100 company investing into ICO!

The investment into ICO’s by FTSE100 companies doesn’t happen often. I recently wrote a piece on INOV8, this ICO had caught the attention of a few FTSE100 companies due to its blockchain implementation and its successful BETA testing stage.

The INOV8 Project Looks to address this an issue of global decline in start-up business by creating a raft of ‘Super-Businesses’. Most businesses fail due to a lack of 3 main factors Finance – Resource – Talent. The INOV8 project is looking to address this issue by developing the INOV8 Talent Pool Platform. (Image on the right: Screenshot preview of INOV8’s Talent Pool Objective) The talent pool is formed of 24 stakeholders providing all the core services a start up would need at a level typically they would not be able to access. In essence a modern day ‘Dragons Den’.

The rumours are that a FTSE100 investment is immanent, the impact of this would most defiantly accelerate the launch date. The overall impact that FTSE100 companies are interested in this ICO is a game changer for them.

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