Is cryptocurrency just an abstract investment?

Bitcoin in June 26th 2017 – $2485

Now we all know what happened last year in Q4, believe it or not this time last year was not a positive time. People had started probing the market to find flaws and the markets had a lot of volatility.

With all the above the markets did not look a positive place! However, 6 months later the market had gained a massive 668% and a record price of $19086 was achieved with investors who hadn’t been sceptics achieving life changing profits.

What can we learn from this?

June 26th as I write this I see the price at $6218. Now if you added 668% to that price it would be above $47754. Considering the amount of bad press currently and the recent tax investigations coming and going the current price is strong. Out of the last 8 years 5 times the market has performed its best in Q4, this is not uncommon with most people enjoying the summer or in the initial months taking their profits from Q4 the previous year it’s no wonder that it is a common trend.

Interest based on google search’s set to double, this has been proposed by banking giant ING with the latest consumer economic report from them revealed that fewer than one in 10 Europeans currently own cryptocurrency, however 16 per cent of people expect to own them in the future. Surveying nearly 15,000 people across 13 countries, the Dutch bank said the survey reflects a gradual change in attitude towards cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum and ripple.

Myles Lansdown (Cryptech Global – Head Broker)

‘I believe there is more appetite for digital currencies than most suggest, cryptocurrency remains an abstract investment for many at the moment but with the historic data now being collected and analysed people are seeing real investment opportunities.’

Article from Cryptech Global by Steven Weist on June 26, 2018

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