Innovative Blockchain Technology Changing Entrepreneurship

Inov8 technology will change entrepreneurial ship as we know it. It would seem investors are aware of that to; the private application stage has been closed early after a horde of investors wanted a piece of the action.

Inov8 using the blockchain for their purpose seems to be a winner with many believing it could be the main coin of business for the future. The longevity and robustness of this coin is making it a no brainer within the investment community.

The current issue we are facing is decline in ‘transformational’ businesses which is having a the larger impact. Typically, these companies have a disproportionately large contribution to net job creation. Creating jobs at around 25% per year. This sector makes for just 15% of all companies, however it accounts for 50% of total jobs created.

How will Inov8 solve this issue, in essence a modern day ‘Dragons Den’. The INOV8 project is looking to address this issue by developing the INOV8 Talent Pool Platform. The talent pool is formed of 24 stakeholders providing all the core services a start-up would need at a level typically they would not be able to access.

The power of connections is what Invo8 is all about, not just a phone call but a platform where everyone is working on the same mission and purpose! Truly revolutionary.

Andre Boverock

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