Ripple Could Climb 95% Next Week, XRP To See $1.20!

It is about time we saw a Ripple rise. With a potential bull run looming, we should look at that possibilities it could bring in terms of future price predictions. As it stands, the markets look to be recovering from a drought that has seen the life zapped out of a number of currencies.

Values are looking pretty low overall; however, we should consider that values are not as low as those seen at the start of April, prior to the most recent bull run, the mid-April market surge.

During this period Ripple managed to climb from $0.49, up to a value of $0.96, skimming short of $1.00. This was a rise of 95% and therefore we can argue that the next market surge, could bring another rise in a similar volume.

At the time of writing, Ripple XRP is valued at $0.618, up 1.64%. Finally, Ripple is moving back in the right direction.

If a surge takes off this weekend and it hits Ripple in volumes of around 95%, like last time, then Ripple has the potential to hit $1.20 next week. (Okay, $1.20 is technically a rise of 96% but this is still totally realistic).

So, given a rise of this nature, in a weeks’ time a figure of $1.20 for Ripple is totally realistic and moreover, its very achievable. We should also consider that this bull run or market surge, should it take place, could hit the markets with an even bigger impact, rises of over 140% could easily see Ripple hit $1.50, this would be very significant indeed.

Of course, this is just based upon speculation and a reflection of the performance of Ripple XRP during the last bull run. There is a chance the market trend we see at the moment is simply just as a result of correction, or, maybe its just a short recovery period. Regardless of this though, things are pointing upwards and that, is something we should all be getting excited about.

This is not investment advice. If you choose to invest, base it on your own research. That’s the most important thing here.

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