Bitcoin Cash [BCH] joins Ripple [XRP] in the list of high flying cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] has seen positive volume percentage increase in the last 1-hour chart, last 24 hours chart and on the last 7 days chart. Its currently surging at 42.36% on the 7 days chart. The value of Bitcoin Cash has increased to $1084.43 at 1:00 PM UTC.

Ripple’s total volume in last 24 hours has been $1,892,780,000 and rising at a great pace, the volume of Bitcoin Cash in the last 24 hours is $943,820,000.

The new features that Bitcoin Cash offers are, on chain scalability, new transaction signatures, new difficulty adjustment algorithm, decentralized development. In addition to the new features, its new nodes also lay emphasis on its advancement which reflects on its market performance.

Bitcoin Cash has a market cap of $18,424,212,839 and its price is surging at 14.37%. Seven days before, Bitcoin Cash was valued at 753.45 USD and did not see a substantial increase until April 18th.

From April 18th Bitcoin Cash started experiencing great increase with a couple of highs and lows over a period of a day but relatively experienced constant growth which has resulted in the current market price of Bitcoin Cash. Over the last two days, it has crossed the $1000 mark.

Bitcoin Cash holds great potential according to analysts and investors. Its volume, price and market capital has seen a positive impact over the last 7days which the current numbers reflect.

In the current market rise, Bitcoin Cash is one of the highest gainers accompanied by Ripple with 30% volume increase in last 7 days, IOTA with 32.74% volume increase in the last 7 days, Stellar at 47.27% volume increase in the last 7 days, Cardano with 34.42% volume increase in the last 7 days, NEM with 32.81% volume increase in the last 7 days.

A crypto investor tweeted after Bitcoin Cash crossed $1000 mark,

“Don’t over complicate things, just buy Bitcoin Cash”

In a recent sentiment analysis interview that AMBCrypto conducted, Daniel, a BCH skeptic said,

“Who are these guys even? Why would you buy BCH? It is known for taking a massive dump on investors time and time again”

Responding to Daniel, Ravish Diwedi, a crypto investor says,

“I never invested in BCH, but why the hate? Hasn’t all the coins just dumped on you? BCH holds promise, the way it went up to $1000 today, I’m sure, it could touch $5K or above soon!”

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